MAXSwerve Wheel tread failures

Hey Greg, do you know if this offer applies to the Canadian warehouse? Waiting to hear back from the person who ordered our one set of module’s from Canada if they recieved this email.

We’ll order through the US site if needed (I ordered our second set of modules through there), but I’m trying to avoid paying more duties if we don’t have to :sweat_smile:.

To echo others, thanks for the amazing products and customer service that is REV Robotics!!

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Even running a tank drive…we noticed a blackness to our white tread. Either from the swerve tread or friction from the carpet playing field. That said, rubber compound of any type hates friction and heat…even if that is the main reason for the traction. Also, if heat develops due to this friction, that would weaken the bond of the adhesive used for the tires/wheel combo. That may be the cause of the de lamination of the wheel and tire.

Excellent mention for REVs response. I think if extra combos were bought (wheel and tire) it is a cheap insurance for competitions. With the plastic being $4-6.

Send us an email and we will take care of you. To get them to you quickest as possible shipping from the US warehouse is going to be the fastest but we will work with you on the best arrangement.


We have these on hand now and will have more coming soon for those who need them


The aluminum wheels (we had rev version) with black tread from McMaster-Carr worked out great at CIR. We changed out one set just to be safe after 5 practice matches and 9 qualification matches at the end of the day Friday. We could have run them longer. In comparison, we went through around 30 standard wheels at Lake Superior, with some lasting 1.5 matches for us. The aluminum takes a beating on the charge station, so having an extra set of wheels is safest. It took a little extra tread to get the spacing right for mounting, so order some extra. A 3/16 leather punch or one size up worked well for us.

If you want to place the holes accurately, you can make yourself a version of our tread marking jig. Even if you are punching the holes, you could 3D print a version to mark the hole locations with a sharpie marker for punching.

That jig was very helpful for the end to where the holes are punched. We ended up just flipping it once we figured out the length, and marking the other side. Note: “make yourself a version” to get the correct length. The total length of tread we settle on was 8 3/16 possibly. I am going by memory as the student that has it all figured out is not around today. My memory is a scary thing, so buy a little extra tread.

A team across from us at our last competition during week 3 went through over 12 sets of treads during the competition, they got eliminated during play offs and their robot was about 100lbs. To my knowledge the treads on these swerves just don’t hold up for much longer than a couple hours .

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That sounds like the standard wheel. We switched to treads with aluminum and probably could have lasted the whole competition on 1 set of wheels.

Not all tread is created equal.

In the last week and a half, we’ve gone through something like 2.5 sets of Blue Nitrile Treaded Wheels, none of which got more than an hour or more of total “Robot On” time. That said, the specific tread had it’s own “Chunking” / “Delamination” type issues, not like we were running the wheels bald.

We ran the thrifty tread on REV wheels this weekend and have not changed tread as it hasn’t shown any signs of deterioration.

We were a little more limited with time and machining capability so we used a simple hand-cut lexan guide using REV’s tread drawing with no issues. Definitely requires a well cut plate but this works quick and easy for a full set of 4 treads + 4 spares!

We’ve been incredibly happy with REV swerve, combined with publicly available pathing tools (pathplanner, Helix Navigator) its incredible what teams can achieve now in one season’s worth of learning and developing!


We 3D printed The model of the Thrifty bot aluminum billeted wheel (printed on a Markforged out of Onyx) and LOVED them, We later bought the Thrifty bot aluminum billeted wheels and haven’t had any issues

I gotta say overall I’m loving the MAX Swerve and Thrifty bot wheel combo (Plus they both come anodized black so how can you really beat that time saver lol)


2nd the thrifty wheels. After 1 round with brand new rev stock wheels and lite defense one wheel had tread pealing and got caught in the module. We had to superglue and screw all the wheels and had to drive very lightly just to last the competition. Have had lots of good stuff from R.E.V. and did not expect the biggest failure point at comp to be the swerve wheels.

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Of this seems to be a very common issue with the rev modules.
I know several teams who are running them this year and are experiencing the same problem.
Although our team is not running the Rev. I have heard that if you buy these 3" Swerve Aluminum Billet Wheel

And use the black neoprene tread. It increases the lifespan.

Do your own checking to make sure that these wheels will fit your application.


A couple of notes here I thought I might share. Next we are expecting a large shipment of the REV metal swerve wheels. We will be sending out 1 wheel for every module purchased at our expense.

We are also deep in the testing of new molded wheels that are holding up much better to extreme use, and are wearing as teams would expect without peal-off until you wear completely through the tread.

One of our testing teams has been running matches with them and this is them after match 19


Greg, this is incredible, kudos to you and the rest of the REV crew for taking this step. I know my dad’s team, the Churrobots, really appreciate this level of support for the MAX Swerve modules.

Exciting news on the new molded wheels as well!



The level of support with maxswerve has been astounding. So happy we bought them for this season, even with the wheel problems the documentation on how to increase their lifespan, the cost cuts, and the metal wheels at revs expense have / are going to continue to let us use these modules to the full extent that we wanted to use them when we originally bought them. Thank you so much rev :slight_smile:

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We’ve got a bunch still in stock if teams need them ASAP. All reports so far have been really positive from teams, good tread wear & longevity across the board :+1:

Is this 6061 T6 or 6063 variant?


Have you checked the motor key/ encoder my team had some issues where the key slipped and wasn’t allowing the gear to spin freely of the encoder that was causing similar problems