May Woot Off

That’s right boys and girls, WOOT OFF!

I need sleep. Aye…

Someone text me or something is something really good comes on. LOL :eek:

w00t on!

Wow. I see. I just remembered about woot and told my mom about it tonight. LOL. I also wondered when the next woot-off would be. Talk about coincidence.

I predicted that there would be a woot-off some time this week. I’ll find the IM conversation later…

So far, it pretty much been a bunch of junk. But thats what a woot-off is :smiley:

Well, I’m off from school, so it looks like I’ll be up for this one…


Aye… I,Robot I love ya, but Roombas = w00t killer.
I should just stop complaining I guess and buy one.
One of these days.

So… besides the different colors of all these Roombas, what the heck is the big difference between them all?

You’ve got me there. This one says “Discovery” if that means anything at all.

These are some pretty lame woots so far.

I havent seen anything worth spending the money i dont have on :frowning:

I’ve been watching it for two days (mostly in hope for a bandolier of carrots). I want to see a 3 day woot-off. I don’t really have anything to do tomorrow :slight_smile:

Anyone snag anything this woot off?

It their newest blog post, they say it’s a 3-day Woot-off (“it takes a lot of effort to put on a mammoth three-day Woot-Off like this”). I just want a BOC to pop up so I can get some sleep (and I’ve got lots to do tomorrow).

The only woot I got was the really cheap headphones.

Bah, they need to hurry up with the bandoliers of carrots!

Maybe I’ll load my debit card tomorrow in hopes of getting something useful. Although I’d really like a new pair of {nice} headphones.

EDIT: Wow… I just saw they had a personal breathalyzer.

ugh, stupid head phones.

Overall a lame woot. Picked up the FM tuner for my ipod I bought 5 hours later yesterday evening.

Yeah, I did that a little backwards. Bought the accessory first, then the ipod but… meh.

LOL. Nice. Don’t go over large bridges with the FM tuner, though. They tend to screw with the transmission. I think the bridge acts as a large amplifier and will mix the tuner with the station it’s set to play on. Very annoying. :wink:

i placed the order for three BOC, but i doubt it got it through and all…

what you’ve bought
order date item qty
21441992 6/1/2007 Random Crap 3 blog discuss

Rawr…see this is the bad side of the woot. I stayed up till about 4 am waiting for the BOC. Then took a nap. And then they have a BOC! :mad:

I got my bag…


I missed it :frowning:

yay, i picked up a woot shirt too!