Maybe im blonde...


either i dont get it or i am blonde…but what is this whole dean simmons and the kamen brothers band!!!

it looks like a parody band…please help clear up my confusion

That is correct

It’s hard to describe until you experience it. “It keeps getting better and better everytime I hear it!”
A great bunch of guys playing music for the masses with a robot theme to some of the songs and funny hair.

DSK Roadie

They mostly play cover songs, or parody songs with robotics themed lyrics.
Some titles include:
“Down with the Science” (Down with the sickness)
“Save a Porsche Ride a Segway” (Save a horse ride a cowboy)
“Wiiiiildstang” (Wildthang)
“Dirty Code Done Dirt Cheap” (Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap)
“Woodie Flowers” (Buddy Holly)

They are also a merchandising MACHINE! With t-shirts and even customized guitar picks.

They are a band of brothers who love music, everything geek, and robots!

They have great hair.

Thats a little bit about them that i thought people might find interesting that dont know much about them.

DSK Security

Come to IRI 2005 and find out. :slight_smile:

Could somebody videotape one of their performances and put it online? Or is that copyright infringement… :smiley:

From what I hear, DSK tries not to take themselves too seriously, but they always try to play the music well. Also, they like to have fun creating new, FIRST themed lyrics for songs (but not all songs).

BTW - I love the Quagmire avitar - Aaallll riiiight.

There will be video from Midwest regional on their website within a week or two.

Theres one mp3 from midwest up already – a few more coming in the next few days.

Do you have a link to this mp3?

Surf teh IRI 2004 threads and you can find the videos of their first public appearance! There were 2 of them last time I checked.

edit: also

Despite being the oft-ignored manager, I am pushing for a ‘no-video’ deal so that everyone has to see them live :smiley:

(shameless plug for IRI attendance…)


U guys were great…( I didnt know how u got ur hair to stay on chris…lol)

Is there any chance of a performance at Nationals?

That would be truly amazing, especially if they manage to be even more amazing than they were in Indiana last year.

Need any groupies?