Mayham on the Merrymack

Mayhem on the Merrymack was a great competition. Also with a lot of high scores. The average was about 150-300. In fact the first match, which we were in, got 300 points. The highest score was 490 and that was during the finals. That was team 38,61, and three other teams. These teams received 4 awards. One for participation, one for play of the day, one for highest score of the day, and for the championship.
Woodie Flowers was there briefly in the morning.
My team was part of Alliance 3 which were the finalist, or second place. It was really a combined team effort with 95, 190, 88, and 222. I would really like to thank them.
Information on the matches will probably be on their web site very soon @

If anybody wants digital movie clips, I would be happy to make it, but I limited coverage, basically my team. But I might have a couple of other shoots.
Well congratulations to everybody who was there. And see a majority of you at Battle Cry.


We’d also like to thank the great folks on Team#140 for putting on such a fun event.

As well, the teams on our finalist alliance: 95, 121, 88, and 501 (sorry, but 222 was a proud member of another alliance!)

Again thanks to all who came and made it a great time… and for 140s spectaclur job and crew of volunteers.

But this is only the beginning!! Countdown to BattleCry2 is on… check the site for the rules (there’s been some updates I believe) and I hope to see everyone @ Harrington Auditorium in Worcester on June 23rd!

2v2 rules! :wink:

I’d like to thank all the teams who came to mayhem. It was a great competiton, everyone had a lot of fun. Thanks to #140 for hosting us for such a great day.

I’d like to extend my thanks to our final round partners. We were extreamly lucky to play all of them in the qualification rounds, and even luckier to get to pick them in the finals. All the teams involved made my job as the allience leader easier and less stressful then I thought. They were willing to make choices on their own, and refer to me at the same time. Everyone knew what was going on. All the drivers understood some fairly complicated plans and pulled them off. I couldn’t ask to be allied with cooler people.

Also, Team 88 helped us change out a bent (steel!) drive shaft in between our last two final rounds. This was a job that should have taken half an hour. But with 88’s help, it was done in about 7 minutes, just seconds before I would have had to make the call to use the stretcher. I didn’t get to shake the hands of the guys who helped, but belive me when I say I’m thankful.

All through the day I saw everyone communicating and planning things out. I saw pit crews lending tools and jokes. I saw the tech crew squeeze 44 matches into 4 hours with only one player station. I saw teams work out 300+ game plans quickly and efficently with no hassles. I saw parents and specators shouting and cheering all day. I saw people who had been up and on their feet for 12+ hours (namely the tech crew) still smiling and happy just to be there. I saw a lot of good food. :wink:

What I didn’t see were big egos, unfair play, people disagreeing with the refs and anyone having a truely bad time. This was FIRST at it’s best.

Thank you everyone who worked to make saturday such a fun day for team #95, you can be sure we will be there next year.


I wanted to say thanks again for hosting such a great event. It was my first time at your school. You have a nice little town and a very nice high school. Thanks again

Thank you team 140 for putting on such a great competition!

This is Buzz’s first time going to Mayhem, and it is not the last. Our team had a blast, we switched off drivers throughout the matches so we would do really good in one match and then a match later find out that we can’t even move our arm. We had a lot of fun though, there were some great teams there. Once again thank you and maybe we will see you next year!


I would like to thank team 157, 88, and all the other teams who were willing to help use change the axel and give use the parts we needed to change to axel.:smiley: