Mayhem in Merrimack 2007 Feedback

Hey, to everyone who was at Mayhem in Merrimack 2007. We’d like to request some feedback from those of you who were there so we’ll know how to make this event better!

What did we do right?
What did we do wrong?
What did we forget?
What would you just like to see next year?


In general, it was a great tournament!

The old radio conflicts were a bit of an issue for those bringing two robots. This was dealt with fairly quickly and easily, but we almost didn’t bring our old radios. Perhaps a note in a pre-competition e-mail explaining the plan for using previous year’s control systems would be helpful, just to make sure there aren’t any difficulties. Hopefully this won’t be problem next year, but it will be again in 2009.

Maybe it’s just me, but the pairings seemed not-too-random.
Having a standings list available earlier would have been helpful for the teams having to pick their alliance partner.

The traffic/robot flow seemed to work well.
The game change played very well, and made the game more interesting.

Thanks for putting on the tournament!

I like 2v2. And the refereeing was good
you forgot to give participation awards to the second robots.
I’d like to see more teams next year.

We didn’t forget the second participation awards for teams who brought two robots. The participation awards were made as a thanks to the teams who came, regardless of how many robots that team brought.

Besides, what are you going to do with two participation awards from the same event, from the same year?

Also. The feedback is for the planning committee so they know how to improve on next year’s event. Number of teams competing is entirely out of our control. I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear enough about that in the original post.