Mayhem In Merrimack 2009

We are proud to announce…
Mayhem in Merrimack 2009!
Hosted by Team 166

Saturday, June 6th, 2009
Merrimack High School
38 McElwain Rd
Merrimack NH

24 slots available.

Registration Fee: $200
The fee includes five Mayhem In Merrimack shirts for your team.

Info and Registration:

For questions, e-mail [email protected]

Hope to see you there!


I think I registerred for your invitational but when I hit submit the screen simply disappearred so i am not sure if it actually submitted.

Yes. 166 has received your registration.

I should be able to attend yet again! :cool:
Let me know what you need for help this year.

UPDATE: Here is a list of some of the teams that have registered:
166 - Chop Shop (of course)
1735 - Green Reapers
1071 - MAX
2648 - Infinite Loop
1824 - Apollo
1519 - Mechanical Mayhem
155 - The Techno-Nuts
1073 - The Force Team
238 - Cruisin Crusaders
501 - PowerKnights

I may have missed one (or some), but you probably get the idea - This is going to be another fun event with plenty of great teams!
Again, the Mayhem in Merrimack page is here.

See you there!

Does registration close on a specific date?


No, but if you register too late (after a date which has not been determined yet), your team will not appear on the Mayhem in Merrimack 2009 shirts.

Mayhem in Merrimack is tomorrow! I certainly can’t wait, and 190 is real excited to be attending.

I really wish that I could be there tomorrow.:mad:

Good luck to all of the participants and to those representing Mechanical Mayhem.

Let’s see if we can sneak in a 4th consecutive win:rolleyes:

Should be interesting with 2v2 in this game. See everyone there!

Team 40 would like to thank 131 for being a great alliance partner and we were glad to help assist them to take home the gold.
238 and 151 put up an excellent fight well done.

We would also like to thank Merrimack Team 166 for holding the event and everyone that was evolved in it’s operation.

Those alliances sound quite deadly…

Congratulations to 40 and 131.

How did the event work 2 versus 2? What was different about the game? Was it easier / harder to score? Our team might be attending a later 2v2 event, so it’d be interesting to hear how this changes Lunacy.

Thank you to everyone who attended and helped out at the 5th annual Mayhem in Merrimack.

Team 166 would like to congratulate Team 131–CHAOS, for being the top seeded team (out of 17 teams) and to 131 and 40 for being the Champions.

We would also like to give credit to Team 75, the Robo-Raiders from Hillsborough, NJ. At the Chesapeake Regional they held a bike build, and we thought that it was such a great idea that we borrowed it!! Thanks to Huffy bikes and to all of the team members who helped build the bikes, the Nashua Police Athletic League Youth Program and some kids in Merrimack are now recipients of these bikes!!

See you all again next year.
CB Petrovic

From what I saw, it was more…different. Since the field was more open, it was much more difficult to maneuver around and score on an opponent. However, if one of you alliance partners pins an opponent, it is very easy to come up behind them and score on their trailer. Also important to note, is that while there are only 4 robots, there are still 120 balls, which means a whole lot of balls on the floor to pick up. There were several instances where we were able to dump and reload with just a quick pass along the edge of the ball-filled field.

Team 166, volunteers, refs, and judges, thank you for making Mayhem in Merrimack possible.

Team C.H.A.O.S. enjoyed the competition yesterday and would like to thank team 40 for their excellent job in our alliance. We would also like to congratulate The Crusin’ Crusaders and the Tough Techs for a job well done.

Thank You,
Team CHAOS #131

Mayhem is always a fun invitational to attend. The Chop Shop once again did a great job running their event.

Congratulations to teams 131 and 40 for their victory.

My very simple response…It was much, much better than 3v3.

I hope you have the chance to compete in a 2v2 version of Lunacy. For both the competitors and observers this is a great way to do experience the game.

This is a great event. 2 on 2 is fast moving and exciting! With 9 qualifying matches and a double elimination format our robot saw plenty of action with minimal downtime between matches. I had more fun at this event than I did at the Boston Regional where we only had 7 matches. This event will be on our schedule from now on. Tremendous job by the Merrimack Crew!!!

Thanks to 166 for putting on this awesome event!

Thanks to team 40 for being great alliance partners!

P.S. I loved the 2v2, I thought since there were fewer robots on the field, the focus of the game shifted more to the skill of the drivers and less on pinning, it was way more fun to drive and to watch. Scoring was more difficult with two less trailers on the field.