Mayor Daley, Chicago Robot Teams

Mayor Daley and his wife Maggie have a real interest in advancing the education of the children of Chicago. Six Chicago area teams, including Wildstang and Team Hammond/Beatty brought their robots to the Daley Plaza to help kickoff the Chicago Science Expedition, a Motorola Foundation-sponsored two-week festival of science-related events across the Chicago area. You can read more about this event at,+engine+has+been+restarted&contenTypeName=COC_EDITORIAL&
We will try to post some pictures of robots driving around under the Picasso statue. It is possible that five additional teams will be starting in the Chicago City Schools this year, adding to the five teams started last year. Chicago City Schools has a program called After School Matters that is stressing the after school programs and their importance in the overall education of students in public schools. Two of the new partners are highlighted in the article and show the diversity which is a great part of this city. “After School Matters will run the robotics program in cooperation with two of its community-based partners: Korean-American Community Services, 4300 N. California Ave., and the National Society of Black Engineers, which will operate its program at Englewood High School, 6201 S. Stewart Ave.”

Good job promoting FIRST! Chicago’s a huge city with a ton of influential people in it. Very good FIRST target demographic, too. Congrats to those teams that participated and got the mayor of Chicago interested in FIRST.

If any of you are in Chicago you should seriously take a look at the periodic table that is in the Daley Center, it is amazing, my jaw dropped Monday when the bus drove by it. I will try to take a picture of it after class to post, it is just beautiful.