MB1013 Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor

We are attempting to use the MB1013 proximity sensor. The wiring diagram provided by the manufacturer is easy to follow and the code appears to be straightforward. The readings we get are very inconsistent. We have it mounted in a solid manner. At six feet we will get the correct value but also readings that are completely ridiculous (like 1 foot). Has anyone found a proximity sensor that actually works?

I would suggest to check your wiring and code to make sure that it is proper and there are no loose connections that could be giving it weird things.

Also look for things which may be a foot away and off to the side. At shorter ranges, the cone of detection is more than 30 degrees from forward.

You are using one of these, right? If you have multiple sensors they may interfere with each other.

Ok, sensor now works very well. We had it mounted too low on the robot and were picking up surrounding stuff. We mounted it high on the robot with an unrestricted view. Readings are now consistent. Very accurate at distances of 6-8 feet, two inches off at 15 feet. More testing needed but at this time it appears to be something we can reliably use.

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