MBA Students Doing a Survey of FIRST students

Hello FIRST Competitors,

We are an MBA consulting team and would like your feedback about your experience in FIRST.

Congratulations on completing regional rounds and good luck to those who made it to the championship. In order to know more about your participation in FIRST, we have designed a short survey. Your inputs will help us to understand more about your experiences.

Please click the following link to take the survey. It will only take 2 minutes to record your responses.

On completing the survey you will enter a raffle and one lucky person will win a GRAND PRIZE of a GAMING CONSOLE + 3 games. Apart from the mega prize, 10 individuals will also receive 3 console games each.

So hurry up. This is your chance to win!!!
For any questions or rules about the raffle send an e-mail to and we will get back to you soon.

Thanks! I hope you get some satisfactory data.

Thanks everyone for submitting. You still have more time to fill out the survey and enter to win the free XBox. So fill it out today and enter a chance to win! :slight_smile:

Just a heads up, the question about “which competition(s) are you participating in this year” only allows one choice. (I’m assuming you intend for us to check all that apply)

Thank you all for the entries so far! Enter now and have a chance to WIN AN XBOX this week](!

Click here for a chance to win an XBOX.

Thanks for the feedback. The contest to win an Xbox has been extended again. Enter now.

Here is the link to win a free xbox:

Just a couple more days to win an xbox! Thanks to those who have already entered to win. :yikes:

Same for your role in FIRST. I am a student on an FRC team yet I mentor FLL teams.