[MCC] Minimum Competitive Concept 2019

In previous seasons we have had the discussion about the MCC after the season but that doesn’t allow the discussion to help influence teams when they build their robots for this season. Below are past examples of the MCC concept and a guide that Spectrum produced this fall below.

Spectrum posted our 2019 MCC analysis last night on our blog


What qualities will make an MCC this season?


I think having a way to intake/outtake Hatch Panels at the first level of the Rocket (same as Loading Station and Cargo Ship), a passive Cargo intake that can do first and second level cargo, and a Level 2 climb would be a good MCC robot this year. With enough driver practice, the robot could consistently get a maximum of 24 points from Hatch Panels (8 for Cargo Ship and 2 on each Rocket), and then fill cargo with their remaining time.

A MCC will be a bot who can do cargo ship hatches and cargo then play defense and get on level 1 of HAB.


I would say a MCC bot needs to be able to do either the lowest level hatches or the cargo chip cargo, in addition to level 1 HAB. Doing the 8-12 game pieces puts the average cycle time at 25 - 17 seconds. A team that could do that I think would be a good second pic for alliances, possibly first pick.

Spectrum MCC Purchase List

We put together a purchase list that explains some of the items we recommended using in the Spectrum MCC blog post from last week.


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