McDonald’s brings back the Hamburglar in latest ad campaign <<Edit: link fixed now (I hope)

Do you think all this talk of Canburlars on Chief Delphi had anything to do with this announcement by McD’s?

I know where I come down on the subject.

Dr. Joe J.

I can see it now, Ronald McDonald, winner of the Make It Loud award 2016.



As awesome as that would be, I think it has way more to do with Ottawa Senators rookie Andrew Hammond’s nickname - the “Hamburglar”…


Dead Link Unfortunately. I got redirected to the screen below.

choose a place, it will give you a 403 forbidden, close it and reopen it. worked for me.

So now they can start out matches with the MC yelling “WRUBBL! WRUBBL! WRUBBL!” at the beginning of each match?

Here is a link that isn’t dead (I hope)

McDonald’s brings back the Hamburglar in latest ad campaign

Dr. Joe J.



So I shouldn’t be anticipating a McDonalds exec telling us that Mcdonalds needs our generation of engineers at next years champs? Well, will we still be playing Diabetes Dash or is that out of the picture too?

2016 Game: Shooting Patties & buns (dark brown and light brown frisbees) through a pair of "golden Arches at each end of the field. Bonus points for being able to throw fries (yellow pool noodles) into you opponents ketch-up zone (area of the carpet delinieated by red carpeting) or scoring them through the arches.

Patties and buns will be picked up at the drive through (remote HP station ala 2009), or you can pick up a “value meal” IE Big Mac and Fries IE 3 light brown frisbees, 2 dark brown frisbees, and 4 fries… via the dine in station where the robot has to drive into a protected kiosk at the corners of the fields.

Communication between the “drive through” and the players station is via a two way speaker that has a ton of built in static…

The salt in these games would be unbearable. (Ba dum tss)

This was one of the funniest posts I’ve ever read on chiefdelphi. I’d like to build on this game:

  • Points are measured in calories (i.e. the blue alliance wins, 720 calories to 540)
  • Game elements must be added for lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions, but they don’t have many calories so they don’t score much on their own, however…
  • (stealing from Logomotion) Multipliers are awarded for building complete sandwiches. 2 beef patties + lettuce + cheese + pickles + onions + 3 buns = 1 Big Mac, which quadruples the awarded calories. 1 patty + pickles + onions + 2 buns = 1 quarter pounder, which doubles the calories.
  • If you get pickles into the ketchup, you get a special bonus for adding special sauce to the Big Mac (but only if you scored a Big Mac)
  • instead of shooting them through arches, shoot the objects into the recycling containers from this year. The theme of the game will be anti-Super Size Me: the more calories you throw in the garbage, the better.
  • If you can pull out lettuce, pickles, and onions from the opponents recycle bin and set them in the ketchup, you get double your alliance score for building a salad.

Can I make a Grilled Cheese (2 buns + cheese)?

The whole theme of the 2015 FRC game was definitely one of those “did we really need to go there?” things that just got under my skin more and more as the season progressed. Not the particulars of the theme but that there was a theme at all.

That said, if FIRST insists on theming the 2016 FRC game, then they should definitely strive to get a multinational to pay them for it. It would still hurt, but I could take the pain better if I know that McD’s was paying FIRST to call pool noodles “McFries” and so on.

I’m lovin’t it (or at least I ain’t hatin’ it)

Dr. Joe J.

Remember: Everyone is a winner until the Finals… :wink:

Be careful, you might actually inspire something in the GDC for 2017 or 2018.