MCLAB issue

Sorry if this has already been asked, I spent a while looking for it on forums and couldn’t find a similar problem.

I have a laptop that was running the MCLAB and mcc18 compiler last year.

I had to re install windows and re install these programs this year.

I installed the programs following the steps given in the instructions manual of the MCLAB CD from last year.

Any time I have a project open and try to compile. MPLAB doesn’t create a HEX file, although it deletes the old one. The problem is that it doesn’t show anything at all in terms of errors etc. In the “view” menu the “output” is checked. But I can’t see the window.

I have tried re installing the program and re doing the whole process a couple of times now, but I get the same thing everytime.

What it does do is this: deletes the old HEX file, creates .o files and nothing else it seems. There is no output or errors etc from the compiler whatsoever and I can’t get the “output” window I always had last year.

mcc18 is in my variable paths, but I am not sure as to how to check to see if MPLAB is connected with mcc18… although even if that was the case, shouldn’t MCLAB at least give me an error that it didn’t find a linker or SOMETHING at all…??

Sorry for the long post, I am a new programmer and am getting very frustrated over MPLAB not working.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

edit: I am using the versions provided last year with the kit, I think it’s 7.2 for MCLAB.

Perhaps the output window is just off screen. Try scrolling the “workspace” to find it.

Thanks I tried, but it didn’t work.

This might sounds silly, but I actually went through installing a clean version of XP pro + SP2 on it and it’s still the same.

Any other ideas? (other than using another PC)