McMaster-Carr catalog

I really want to read the catalog anyone in the LA area have one that I can borrow for a few days?

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Might be able to arrange something but it’ll be a bit as I’m tied up this weekend.

Haha sure thing. No hurries we’ll see each other eventually. Thanks

I have one, and it’s way faster just to use the website imho, you aren’t missing anything :grin:.

Ik, but it’s just not so easy unless you know what you want.

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Sometimes just a quick “I need something like THIS, let me search for THIS and see what comes up” works well.

Oh, and the website has the CAD for most things too. Even better.

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Also, Google’s feature identification is so good, I’ll put in a blurb that describes what I need or a similar component that I do know, and then look through Google images until I find what I am looking for, then put the proper product name from Google into mcmaster.

Some really old people don’t see how useful a browser or web app can be, because they’ve never made the effort to learn how to use one.

Some younger folks have the same limitation with books.


I have an old one sitting on my shelf gathering dust. If you want to pay for shipping i can send it to you.

Ah yes! Pm sent

Not the Swedish Fish… That’s the worst failure of McMaster Carr. They don’t have the Swedish Fish CAD.

No need to CAD that fish. It won’t pass inspection anyway.

Do they have CAD of the hard copy of the catalog? I’d love that too.
And how are swedish fish hazardous?And adhering, well, IDK if that applies. It’s swedish fish.
And last of all, swedish fish can power the operators. I might need swedish fish for that purpose at some point.

The CAD is their website

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Swedish fish are EXTREMELY hazardous to slow computer returns. Including just one pack of Swedish Fish with your damaged computer can speed up the return to un-heard-of levels. More than one pack?

“Lightspeed’s too slow! We need to go straight to… LUDICROUS SPEED!”

  • Untreated hazardous materials - Swedish Fish are toxic if inhaled and could lead to health problems if too many are consumed
  • Stored energy - Swedish fish are squishy and could be used to build a powerful spring or illegal hydraulic system with enough of them
  • Adhering - Swedish fish can be quite sticky, especially if heated or wet, and could attach to an opposing robot illegally

Note that these are 2019’s rules and the 2020 rulebook could differ greatly.

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FIRST should add a no gummi food rule as a joke

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Swedish Fish


Warning: do not confuse the items above. One is FRC-Legal, the other is not.


Since when was strawberry jam legal?

“Don’t put it on your churro!” – AndyMark


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