McMaster Cylinder Brand

Does anyone know what brand double acting cylinders McMaster sells? I know I can call them tomorrow and find out easily but if I could find out tonight, that would be great.

We got both of ours as Bimba brand.

They’re functionally identical to the Automation Direct line of cylinders, but I don’t know the actual brand. I believe it is Bimba but I won’t know for sure till tomorrow.

I can’t speak for all of their offerings, but all round body double-acting air cylinders I have ordered from McMaster in the past are Bimba brand.

Keep in mind that you can get cyliners from AutomationDirect for free if you use your voucher.

Just be sure to follow the voucher instructions - it’s not the usual enter the code at the end of the order thing…

And, AutomationDirect ships 2 day fed-ex for free if you order more than $40 of stuff.

As a general thing, McmasterCarr does not provide brand information. The only way to know is to order it. They do provide CAD files which will give you critical dimensions

If you call them they will tell you. Or if they won’t outright tell you, you can play the brand guessing game with them. Also, they have knowledgeable helpful people in the US that pick up the phone I believe 24/7. All the ones I’ve ever bought from McMaster have been Bimba, but we have switched to Nitra from Automation Direct because they are cheaper and dimensionally and functionally identical.

Good to know, because the free cylinders we ordered from Bimba through FIRST are delayed at lease 10 business days. And McMaster delivers same/next day to us .

I picked up the cylinder from McMaster and it was a Bimba cylinder.

I always check AD first because of the great prices but this time we needed a cylinder the next day and AD didn’t have the 2.5" stroke that we needed. We settled on a different design and will be getting them from you. They are almost half the price of McMaster.

We had a 2.5" cylinder as well but just sucked up the cost from McMaster! Didn’t want to redesign the linkage. They were Bimba though.

Just checked some cylinders I have at work from McMaster: they’re SMC brand