MC'S information

hi, we are the chilean team and we need info of mc’s(master of ceremony) of FRC. please we need every single info that you now of the MC’S.:slight_smile:


corazon de chileno (chilean team)

help please
help me with the MC’s info to the chilean team…


THere isnt just one MC. There are many. Do you want to know what an MC does in general? Or a list of MC’s? I don’t understand your question.

if you can give my a list of mc’s of any info plz

You are signed up for the Great Lakes Regional. The MC there for years has been Dave Verbrugge. He is a mentor of HOT Team 67, and can probably be contacted via their website:

The Voice of FIRST, extraordinary MC/Announcer, and the man that all the other MCs answer to is Blair Hundertmark is the guy that you want to get in contact with for all your MCing needs and questions. Please PM me for his e-mail address if you still need assistance.

thanks 4 all your answers… we need every single info of them 4 our page…