MD Week 0 Videos

A couple members from team 5115 attended the Maryland Week 0 event last Sunday. We took video (as close to full field as we could get) of most of the matches. Enjoy!

**Playlist of all matches

Individual Matches:**
Match 1: 2199 VS 614 & 3793
Match 2: 5945 VS 2537
Match 3: 2537 VS 888
Match 4: 4541 & 5945 VS 888 & 3793
Match 5: 4541 & 888 VS 3793 & 2199
Match 6: 888 & 2199 VS 1111 & 686
Match 7: 3793 & 1111 VS 2537

Note: 5945 would like you to know that the robot shown in the videos is NOT their competition robot.

Thank you so much for doing this! It’s nice to see teams that I might not be able to see this year or might not be able to see until DCMP.

Just curious, there were 20 teams listed as attending, but we only see 9 teams in video, what happened to the other 11 teams?

There were a few teams there that worked on their robot the whole time and never went on the field (at least not before I had to leave). I think there were also some teams that just didn’t show up. It snowed the day before, so weather might have been an issue.

Our team was in the back corner and was having issues that couldn’t be worked out alll day on the elevator .We added our spare e board to our other chassis with nothing added round 3pm to test some auto since our comp bot didn’t touch the field.We are trying to get it working but will bag it either way tonight and ch age our direction from a scale to switch/vault specialty before competetion and add at event of we choose too.Are auto can be easily adapted for the change if we need

A number of teams chose to use time in their shops versus coming to the Center for the week 0 (this was my group). Saturday snow impacted a few. A lot of teams are further behind the curve than they were thinking and dropped mid-week. We had 11 in the space over the course of the day.

It was a very laid back type event, no real match schedule just fill line, with most folks being in good spirits this far through the build season.

Looking forward to the rest of the Power Up Season!