Me and 3 Captains attempt to make a meme and it goes very wrong.

“ok hold down on this end of the scale and when I say let go, let go and I’ll take a picture of one cube holding down all those other cubes and it’ll be a meme”

Picture 1 (a little before I intended to take the pic)

Full Size (reddit)

Picture 2 (about 1 second after that picture)

Full Size (reddit)

Some strong screws you were using.


The freshmen put it together so each of the independent pieces of leg wood only had one short wood screw in them.


If you’d been professional meme-makers (or pranksters), you’d have tied the “single cube” end down with fishing line, which would then disappear from the shot when the picture was taken.

We didn’t wanna miss out on launching a cube into orbit, but that didn’t really happen either…

Also theres a video of this whole thing collapsing on someones phone and i gotta get it still

One word: outriggers

Good luck 2512 - can’t wait to see what you have in store for the rest of us in Minnesota!

That’s after the shot. You guys have dikes, right? Or scissors, at least? Don’t leave any line uncut, and check the ceiling to make sure it’s still there!

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Double Deccer!

Well now you’ve given them something to do until competition! :wink:

Gotta have something for the newbies to do - their fingers get tired from filing… :smiley:

“what are the build freshmen doing”


I found one newbie with a wood rasp the other day. I have no idea where he got it from.

I then turned around and saw two more newbies with a 1" steel pipe, a 3# sledge, and the 1/2" hex broach (see $235) making a 1/2" round hub sprocket into a 1/2" hex.

At least they are now innovating instead of putting their hands in their pockets.

HELP! The newbies are starting to think on their own!

They’ve become sentient.

Should’ve filled that cube up with metal scraps.

The Case of the Missing Scraps

just got in trouble for laughing in history class. Apparently looking at CD is frowned upon… who would have thought.

Laughter is not allowed >:(((