Meanwhile in Australia competition is on this and next weekend

Live stream here:


looks like an official FIRST field and FMS and no one waring a mask. It is like I am looking at an event from a year ago! They have done a good job fighting covid over there! Should give the rest of us hope of things returning to normal.


And on that note, whoever had the bot posting reminders about how AU was in a different position than the U.S…

… Thank YOU! That should help keep the “but this is irresponsible” crowd quiet (for this specific event).


The folks from FIRST Australia will be hosting another 16 team event this coming weekend in the same venue. You can catch it on as well. Schedule below:

Opening Ceremony - 11:30 PM ET (1:30 PM Saturday AEST)
Qualification Matches - 12 Midnight - 3 AM ET (2-5 PM Saturday AEST)

Qualifications - 7-10 PM ET (9 AM - 12PM Sunday AEST)
Playoffs - 11:30 PM ET (1:30 PM Sunday AEST)

The match videos from last weekend event are on TBA and in this playlist on YouTube


Yo, I think you have your time zones wrong?
11:30PM ET is 11:30AM AWST (AWST is Timezone for Western Australia like Perth side).
11:30PM ET is 1:30PM is AEST (Timezone for Eastern Australia like Sydney)


Yes! You are correct, I’ll edit my post. I’ve been working with some folks on the west side of Australia and flubbed the timezone.

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First day of South Pacific Event was held today.
Live stream can be seen at the same place as last event.
One week since last event.
How fast things can change.
There were 2 Covid-19 cases in Sydney (a bit over 5 million people city) last week.

FIRST Australia jumped through flames and got this event approved to go on with very different protocols.
Full on face masks, no dancing, no singing, no kissing of other teams members.

It was a great day and kudos to the people who organised this in these difficult times.

Competition continues tomorrow.


That kind of abundance of caution response to 2 cases is what I wish we had in the States. Kudos to your government for that response, and I’m glad you could adapt and still do the event.


Qualifications are live now !

I hope this isn’t normal?


It only takes one…(or two in this case)

As an MC, I think I might change the traditional handshake in the finals matches! LOL

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Well, you see, some people take alliance selection very seriously.


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