measurement inaccuracies in solidworks

Ok, so I downloaded the virtual KOP today and I was measuring the powercrates and was getting some weird numbers that I know are wrong. (see attatched images) I even measured the distance between the same 2 side twice and got different numbers. I know these are small errors but they should be perfect. is there something I am doing wrong? is it possible there’s just an error in the file? side note, I’ve noticed small errors like this when measuring stock andymark chassis but I didnt think much of them till this one screamed in my face. I’m running solidworks 2016.

Your photo is not attached but I’m assuming you’re measuring 12.5 and not 13? There’s a fillet on the edges that reduce the edge-to-edge size.

oh sorry forgot to add the pics.

From what I can tell, it seems like that cube has been CAD-ed improperly.
My team downloaded the field off of and when i measured it, it was the correct size. As to why i be;eave it is wrong is the fact that when you did the edge to edge measurement, it only show part of the green indicator lines when it is supposed to show the full length like this

if this is still a problem, could you upload a image of the feature tree showing the cube’s creation sequence and the base extrude sketch or just the cube file?

or you can just download the version off grabcad.

It looks like you’re measuring inconsistently. In the first image, you are measuring between two edges. In the second image, you are measuring between a face and a point. In the third image, you are measuring between two faces.

I don’t know what the design tree of the cube looks like, but there may be some sketches/edges that you are clicking instead of just the flat faces.

You can also open the part and just look through each step and sketch that they used to make the cube and look at their dimensioning (or lack of dimensioning)

You can hit F5 to open up the filters menu and set it so you can only select planar faces, to make sure that you don’t select any weird things on accident