Measurement Question

Hi I was hoping if anyone the knew the distance between Step in the middle of the field and the closest scoring platform from the Step. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The field is 54’ long (2.1), and the Step is 1/2 way across the field (27’).

The Step is 2’1" wide (2.1.4), so is between 25’11.5" to 28’0.5" from the end of the field.

Each Scoring Platform is 3’3" (bottom edge of the ramp) from the Landmark (2.1.3)

The Landmark is 13’7" from the end of the field (2.1.6).

Hence, the Scoring Platform Ramp is 16’10" from the end of the field.

The Ramp is about 7" long on each side of the Scoring Platform. The Scoring Platform is 1’8" wide (2.1.3), for a total width (including ramps) of 2’10".

So the Scoring Platform (including ramps) extends from 16’10" to 19’8" from the end of the field. Thus, the nearest Scoring Platform (including ramps) is 9’1.5" to 6’3.5" from the nearest port of the Step.

Note: There is a tolerance in field constructions, so actual measurements will vary.