Measurements of the field back wall

We have been looking at the field drawings all morning, and we cannot figure out what the dimensions are of the back wall of the field that we can line up against. Does anyone have that information that you could share? Thanks for any help!

Are you looking for the measurements of the drivers stations?

FE-00004 and its components, included in this, shows the dimensions of the driver station end walls.

The game specific components drawings include GE-17307, which is the alliance wall loading station.

The field assembly drawings show how it fits together.

Does that answer your question?

Thank you! Yes, we have been looking at some of those documents. What we are trying to figure out is the length across the back wall from one side to the other, but more specifically from one end to the center. From the vertex at the boiler and the end of the alliance driver’s station to the center line across the field. Would anyone know that? Thanks for your help deciphering!


There was a post, earlier this year, that provided a link to an inventor CAD model of the field. Search for:

FRC 2017 Competition Field

on Chief.

We measured that distance (the middle of the center tape perpendicular to the alliance station wall to the intersection of the wall and the boiler) as 125" which was consistent with how the field was laid out at West Michigan this weekend.