Mecanum Drive Documentation Question

Hi all,

I’ve been working on inplementing gyro into our mecanum drive robot and as far as I can tell it seems fairly simple. once you establish the gyro object the .driveCartesian function asks for a gyro angle. Is it really as simple as running gyro.getAngle() and plugging that value into the function, or is there more to it?

The documentation states " degrees around the Z axis" which makes it seem like there might be some background process involving your z axis controller input.

If anyone could clear this up that would be great.



Most controller’s don’t have 3 dimensions of movement so you can’t literally have x, y, & z values to pass. What you can do is use a standard 2-axis joystick (x, y) for translation and the x-axis of another joystick for that z value.

Here’s an example of the full mapping:

  • left X: x
  • left Y: y
  • right X: z

oh okay, Thanks

I figured it might be harder because every single Gyro code i’ve looked at has seemed more complex.

To be clear this should switch our robot from robot centric driving to field centric driving, right?

Thanks regardless. I’ll be able to try the robot later on and hopefully it works as it should.


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