Mecanum drive on Battlebots

I never thought I’d see the day…


Doesn’t make it right.


Mecanums on battlebots isn’t that crazy. As if you are not a flip bot you don’t really need any pushing power unless your weapon is wrecked, in which you are probably doomed anyways.

Though I do wonder how well they work on that kind of field, specially once debris starts flying around.


It might be a good idea for a bot like Shatter. There are several points that could be advantageous. First, the ability to strafe might help them in bringing their weapon to bear on critical points of the opponent. Second, it might make evasion better and help prevent pinning that can be the death of a bot in the Battlebox. Third, it might make it harder to get under the bot with wedges or flippers, since they require the ability to push under, which the combination of strafing and being easier to push may hamper. It’s an interesting choice to be sure and only the Battlebox will tell if it’s a good one.



In all seriousness, this is actually a really cool application for Battlebots. Yes you’ll still lose a pushing match 100% of the time, however, mobility is huge in combat and this takes it to the next level in combat robotics.


Honestly in battle bots driving is all that matters. When the mechanism fails all you need to do is drive and if it’s mechanum it’s slower in my opinion. And swerve is way too complicated and candy risk failure. Simplicity is the best and that’s why tank works so well.

“…but it was also all zip tied in place and it was a nightmare to replace anything.”

Isn’t this true :joy:

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I’m actually really interested in finding out where those wheels came from. They look really well built.

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Hellachopper had a weird holonomic mecanum setup, but it never competed because it was capable of throwing shrapnel through the polycarb walls.

I asked the builder and found out he got his wheels from here…

I’d love to see swerve in the mix.

Swerve on a battlebot is like putting Superman against Batman. Yes, a lot more power, but yowza, even more vulnerability. (Spoiler alert: Batman wins)

Just one hit and it’s a goner. I dont understand battlebots.

Those mecanum wheels look wayyy better than FRC…

being listed at ~$400, I would hope so!

Batman doesn’t defeat Superman by hitting him in the chest with a kinetic weapon.

Alcoholic Stepfather was developed and built by my FTC mentor.
I’m not super familiar with the robot, but I can answer and/or pass on questions about it.
The mechanum wheels were custom manufactured and were massive, probably around 25-40 pounds, solid aluminum.
FWIW, AS hasn’t competed in many years and a revitalization is not likely.