Mecanum drive on Einstein

Is this the year? Will we see a straight-up mecanum drive on Einstein?

Heck yes we will!


No. There will be no mecanum drive robots on Einstein this year.

This is certainly mecanum’s best chance yet.

With a back-up robot and eight alliances on Einstein this year, I’d be shocked if at least one of the thirty-two robots doesn’t have a mecanum drive.

I’d put it pretty close to 1 as far as probabilities go, especially since the lack of interactions between opposing alliances removes most team’s hesitations with the drive…

Oh no. 254’s going mecanum…

A constantly shifting CG might be a deterrent for some teams though

It’s manageable.

No team has ever used Mecanum drive on Einstein before? That’s kind of surprising to me.

While I doubt we will see the alliance captains and first picks with mecanum drives I think alliance captains will have to seriously consider mecanum robots for 2nd and 3rd picks out of necessity due to the smaller, watered down fields and the sheer popularity of mecanum drive this year.

Nope. No robot with a mecanum drive has ever made it to Einstein before. It’s usually because of defense, and it you don’t do them right, they have alot of issues on open fields. However, for a year like this, if you can get the balance right, you have a pretty good shot of being able to perform at a high level even with mecanum.

Why do you say that?

Agreed. I think some top robots this year will be mecanum.

Einstein is expanded to eight alliances which is 32 teams so chances are pretty good that one will have Mecanums.

Here’s hoping since we’re using mecanum this year

I think the issues with weight balance and integration (due to extra gearboxes) don’t pose well for high ranking “do everything” robots. That’s not to say it is impossible but I think many top tier teams will be turned off them for these reasons. Additionally most top tier teams have a preferred driver train that they are comfortable building and have practice driving.

IMO, I couldn’t care less how little defense there is or how flat the field is. After thoroughly testing both a mecanum drive and a holonomic omni drive I think they handle terribly compared to a well built tank drive especially at a low speed. Driving sideways is just another nuisance our driver has to think about.

Or another skill for them to utilize. Depends on your driver.

It’s a shame that this is likely the year that sacred ground will be touched by that unworthy drive :rolleyes: