mecanum drive system

With this years game if you are going to score your robot is going to have to be able to manuver well. I have been thinking about different drive trains for the robot and i was looking at a mecanum one. How hard is it to build a mecanum drive system???

i would send an email to either tucker (384), or godwin (540). they have been working on mecanum wheels together over the summer trying to perfect them, and im sure they have some good pointers for you if you asked. nothing is more helpful than advice from someone experianced. (scroll down to the Mecanum presentation by Hine)

thanks ill try and do that

and thanks to you also, those sites are really helpful

Man what r sum good sites that sell mecanum wheels?

I’d hurry up if you are planning on using them. The lead time is over a week and we are now in week 3 of build season…