Mecanum drive

Thoughts on 6 inch mecanum wheels getting over the 1” steel bar. Go…

Is there a need to go sideways? I would say just go tank drive like my team.

Mecanum is useless in this game. Don’t do it.


Before answering that question, answer what you’re hoping to gain with that design decision.


We’ve used 6in mecanum many times, including years with small floor impediments. I would say you can drive over conventionally (forward / backward) with a usual bump. Sideways in ether direction would probably only be possible with a good amount of momentum already, and is more likely to put undue strain on your axles depending how you have them set up.


I had the same question, so our team has already tested this. We used a previous year’s robot with 6in mecanum wheels each driven by a cim motor with a tough box (sorry I don’t know the gear ratio off the top of my head) to drive over the 1in bar. We had no problems going over the bar forwards and at angles, but we couldn’t go over it sideways since the side of the wheel hits the bar.

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8’’ Mecanum will probably smooth things out…

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We brought out last year’s 6in mechanum not, lined it up with the bar, and said “no”. We briefly discussed 8" mechanum, but decided against that as well.

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We used 6" mecanum last year, with 12.75:1 Toughbox micros and CIMs. During one of our matches, our robot managed to get over the 1" bar when trying evasive actions. We had not built up speed and hit it on an angle. It seemed to be okay, but it did struggle slightly with it. I wouldn’t suggest it, but I also wouldn’t say it is impossible.

Are you talking about the conduit on the center of the field? We had minimal issues with that as well, but that conduit was shorter and less square that this year’s bars. Plus there was only one to cross the field, not 3 or 4.

I am talking about the depot for cargo, next to the HAB. That was made up of 1 1/8" x 3" bars. We didn’t have any issues with the conduit in the center of the field.

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