Mecanum Drivetrain design HELP!! PLEASE

i have been frying my brain the past weak trying to design a frame to run mecanum wheels and banebot gearboxes with the long shafts. what would be best to use. 1x1 square aluminum. or is there something that works better. we have been considering using 20mm extruded aluminum too. any help would be great. the main thing thats killin me is how to mount the motors in a way that will conserve wait and be strong at the same time

the kit chassis works good for a mecanum setup…

search here for some ideas

once you mount them, its pretty simple to direct drive them from the BBs’ output shaft(1/2inch hex I believe???)

thanks i forgot that i can search pics. i now see that someone used a plate to mount to the gearbox and then to the frame. is there another way other then the kit chassis

theres lots of different ways,

you could, weld(or bolt), yourself together a square frame made of 1x1 square tubing
this is probobly the simplest way…

thanks. we were trying to prototype this before kick off… guess we’re running out of time now… uh oh…

it shouldent take that long, if you have all the supplies…

well its christmas break at school and i cant exactly get into the shop to weld anything

2106 has used the old kit frame to prototype a drive just like you are suggesting. To mount the BB transmissions we used a Blank Gusset for non-90 degree angles (no holes) from IFI. We then tied the two front and two rear transmissions together with a few pieces of 1"x1" angle.
take a look at for what you can do without a machine shop :slight_smile: