Mecanum drivetrain question

Hello, I have started to mentor my local FTC team and we decided on using a mecanum drivetrain for this years game. Before we started building I did some research on other robots using mecanum drivetrains. I saw that some teams put the wheel directly on the motors while some use gear on the motor to move the drivetrain. I was wondering if someone can inform me on the difference between these two ways of mounting the wheels and how it affects the drivetrain.

Some is a matter of packaging - do you have the space to have the wheels directly attached to the motors? Do you need to have a U-shaped opening in the front and need to move some motors back? How large is the frame?

I’d also suggest that if you can to support the end of the motor shaft if the wheel is on it rather than just letting it cantilever.

Having the motor going directly into wheel is going to put more load on the motor, and is also likely to take up more space.

The main reason to run belts to the mecanum wheels over direct driving them is to move the motors to the center of the robot which leaves the fronts open for intakes and other mechanisms

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I second the supporting the wheel shaft on both sides. We really ground into some motor shafts one year when we did not do that. Then again they were 6" wheels with a D shaft… but still a good idea in general.

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If you use something larger than 6mm D (8mm Rex, 3/8" Hex, 1/2" hex) then a cantilevered shaft shouldn’t be an issue given the supported side has 2 bearings (in a piece of box tube , plate stackup, or channel).

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