Mecanum Help Needed

So we have been working on the Mecanum code since the kickoff and we are still having problems. Currently we can only make the robot go forward and backward. If we press the three button on our logitech Extreme 3D pro joystick it rotates like it is suppose to.

The problem is that we can not get it to crab/strafe or rotate when we twist our joystick.

Attached is two pictures of our when button three is pressed “true” and when it is not pressed “False”.

Please help us fix this vi so we can move on to our other code.


Mecanum Print Screen97-03.doc (532 KB)

Mecanum Print Screen97-03.doc (532 KB)

take a look here for explanation of commands for mecanum:


look for a subvi in the pallet called rectangle to polar which will combine your x and y vectors in to magnitude and phase(direction)

Spoiler alert only go to this picture as a last resort it shows exactly the working holonomic drive (with a Logitech Dual Action Controller(you should only need to change the axes))
It is better to learn through testing and trying things out rather than copying. I repeat last resort only.

What is this block? I can’t find it in the palletes. (from your code, dana)

That block VI called In Range and Coerce and can be found in the Comparison palette. It takes in 2 values that set a range (in this case 1 and -1) and a third value to compare. The VI tests whether the value is i the range, then outputs a True/False of whether it was in the range or not (In Range) and a value forced into the range (Coerce).

What this means is that if you put something in larger than 1 you will get out 1, if you put something in between 1 and -1 it will pass through unchanged and if you put in something smaller than -1 you will get out -1.

Here’s the pwm outputs (in