Mecanum in the 2019 Season Opinions Poll

Hey guys!

I understand that there are lots of different views on mecanum drivetrains, especially in the 2019 season alone. I created this poll to see who supports the use of mecanum in the 2019 season and everything that came with it, such as defense!

  • Mecanum was the best option for this game!
  • Yes, mecanum drivetrains were a good idea for 2019.
  • I do not know enough about mecanum or the game to decide.
  • No, mecanum drivetrains were a bad idea for 2019.
  • Mecanum was the worst option for this game!

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Please feel free to comment on why you think it was good or bad idea.


No protection in scoring was the biggest indictment against them. I don’t know if anyone tried to jump them off Level 2, but it would be a concern to me to leave an easy 3 points on the table.


I want another voting option that states “Mecanums were just as good this year as any other year. Maybe slightly more valuable because strafing was a fairly important quality for easy scoring but I still wouldn’t call them “good” for 2019”

I think strafing may have been useful due to the placement of the scoring locations but it would make a robot much weaker on defense/against defense. I don’t think it presented any benefits over a normal tank drive that outweighed its costs.


Wait…there are years that mecanum is a good idea? /s



2015? Saved time adjusting to the chute than readjusting to it with traction wheels. Better option would be to make an intake that had some forgiveness in lining up.

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Our team did indeed jump our mecanum drive off lvl2 in every match and it held up just fine. It also gave us a much better ability to align with both the loading station and the hatches quickly. Since we were driving them with CIMs and 12:1 planetary gearboxes, we still had enough pushing power to keep from being shoved off target by defensive bots. It proved to be very successful on the field. The only drawback was that too many other teams only looked at pit scouting data on us and dismissed us as alliance partners because we used mecanum without paying enough attention to how it performed in actual matches.

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I do not think mecanums were a good option this year, better than 2018 and 2016 but not as viable as 2017 and 2015.

I do not keep up with every single competition this year but what events were won by a robot with mecanum drive? I dont know any and would actually be interested in watching said robot.

Not winner, but 3218, first pick of the 3rd alliance, were finalists at West Valley.

They had a great bot, but they had issues at their first two events so they never made it past district events.

Richmond Va CHS district was won by 1262 with mecanum. They were also the first pick on Tesla this year.

I was gonna say, Let the dumpster fire begin but I guess it already started…


2791’s scouting team DNPed every robot with mecanum at our events this year. A mecanum bot was not going to be considered by us unless one of the following happened:

  • They were comfortably on the first round pick list because their offense was killer (2539 would check this box at a regional)
  • Our scouts saw them play lights out defense at that event. We were not willing to pick a mecanum bot for defense unless we had seem them do it very well already.

No mecanum robots at our events met either criteria.


Watch 1262

Didn’t 118 use Mecanums this year, or am I thinking of something else?

They had a h-drive. So basically omnis on all 4 corners and 2 omnis in the middle (in their version) that would enable them to strafe. The middle two omnis were pointed sideways so that when powered, they would allow the bot to move sideways

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Mecanum done right can be very smooth but the issue with mecanum is that it’s so easy to be defended against that it’s not viable in most games. Games where the two sides are separated or where defense is nonexistent is where mecanum really shines.
Note: I have never built a mecanum but my freshman year some kids made a mini mecanum drive with non existent gear ratios(I’m pretty sure it was direct driven) and the breaker would spark and trip all the time.

I am not certain that this is the best showing of their skills. lol

Seems like a solid example of a good mecanum team under defense this year to me. :man_shrugging:

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Team 612 won both of their district events with a mecanum bot

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