So I’m posting this here… Because I liked the Meme from Andymark Earlier - And we’ve been curious if it would work.

The Build is rough… The Code… More so. But there are a few small Glimpses of it could work and be doable!

Check out Youtube Link here

Github Here

Twitter Link Here

Please Discuss and Realize This is a Senior Project to Play with and test its worth!

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The simplicity of swerve combined with the pushing power of mecanum. A fearsome combination to be sure.


It isn’t true mecanum swerve if the swerve modules don’t use mecanums

Needs mecanums on front and omnis on back

Yep. That is definitely a drivetrain.

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Looks like a fun offseason project!

That’s what I was expecting…

I too am saddened by the lack of mecum wheels in the swerve pods. I feel lied to and betrayed.

To paraphrase Draco Malfoy after learning about the special abilities of Blast-Ended Screwts (Goblet of Fire, book only, chapter 13)

Who wouldn’t want a robot that can slip on the carpet, stick on bushings, and baffle both the programmers and drivers all at once?

I think that for a true mecanum-swerve drivetrain, you would just steer the wheels 45 degrees off of the angle for an equivalent “tank-swerve” drivetrain. Because the mecanum wheels apply force at a 45* angle to a normal wheel. Two of them would be +45* and the other two would be -45*.

Might have to try it in the off-season. All the complexity of swerve and none of the benefits. Sounds like a great idea!

I know this is just a senior project to play with but out of curiosity did this actually show any worth?

Wait, isn’t this mecanum crab?

Someone should put macanum wheels on swerve modules on a robot and have them all spin at different rates in at all times. The programming nightmare that would be for it to drive like a swerve…

For the individual who built it. Yes. It was created mostly to satisfy his own curiosity, and do two things.

  1. see how Bad the potential for it could be. (Curiosity does kill the Cat, and for this it isn’t meowing much anymore).

  2. We haven’t ever worked on a swerve mechanism before for a chassis. And this gave the individual an opportunity to try it out, see what it is like, and how difficult it could be to manipulate for the future.

I do understand this is closed to a Crab style drive (Which it might be more aptly named). But alas, it is as quoted earlier… “Yep a Drive Train”.


Time to move it on to Greener Pastures, and begin the next.