Mecanum Wheel not spinning

We were running tests with our drive train from last year to test how well the mecanum would go over the bump. While testing the robot seemed to drift towards one side a little every once in a while. Later the wheel had completely stopped spinning. The gearbox is below the c-channel and when we pulled off the gearbox, cleaned out any debris(alot of what looked like steel shaving stuck to the motor.) and tested a new talon and pwm as well it worked well at first but then it stopped spinning again. Does anyone know what may have caused this issue?

Did you remember to grease your gearboxes?

We could try regreasing them all, but also with no load(it’s also only a chassis right now so at most 40lb load) gears spin fine, it’s seems to be the cim just stops spinning and we switched out the talon and motor and tested both with the robotrio and they worked fine.

If I may ask, how did your mecanum handle the bump? I’ve seen lots of speculation but haven’t heard of any actual tests performed.

Try swapping the leads with another wheel - basically, power the front wheel with the controller for the back one and vice versa. Hopefully, one of three things will happen. It works fine, telling you there was a loose wire somewhere, The original wheel stops spining again, telling you the issue is with the motor or some sort of mechanical issue, or the back wheel stops spinning, telling you the issue is with the speed controller, PWM, or PDP. It will at least help narrow down the possibilities!

Also, have you verified you aren’t popping the breaker for that wheel?. A loose connection could cause increases current on that wheel only.

We can test the breaker issue.
Also with us handling the bump, we have about an inch and a half of ground clearance and we were able to go over the bump fine. The thing is we have a wooden bump so you may need to calculate the difference in friction, and we were testing off a tile floor and not carpet.
The mecanum were also tested for pushing force. We weighed down our chassis to about 65ish pounds and loaded a single tote with 5 batteries and other materials and it was able o be pushed on the tile floor.