Mecanum wheel size

I searched the threads and couldn’t find a discussion on this.

Have any teams out there used both 6" and 8" mecanum wheels that may be able to comment on the pros and cons of the two sizes.

We used AndyMark 6" wheels two years ago and had problems with the side plates deforming, but I know this problem has been fixed with thicker plates. Other than that they were great.

Do the 8" wheels give any better traction on a ramp? Do they handle differently? Better or worse?

I’d appreciate any input. ?:slight_smile:

we’ve had experience with both wheel sizes.

we used the 8" for Rack ‘n’ Roll, and the 6" in Overdrive.
the 8" were great, we had no real issues with them. The 6", we had problems with the plates deforming and digging into the carpet, killing our turn ability completely.

as for your ramp question;
the 8" wheels have no problem with the ramp at all. we tested this extensively today. the robot we were using to test, even realigned itself when we were not perfectly on target

the two different wheel sizes handle differently i’d say (i drove for Overdrive, and had practice with the 8" mech robot). But that’s probably more to do with the fact that they’re designed differently, and so they function slightly different.

hope that helps :slight_smile:

We had the same problem with the 6" wheels for overdrive, but I saw the new wheels at Ramp Riot and the are much beefier. ** Did anyone use the heavier ones last year for Lunacy?**

**Would you say one was any more maneuverable than the other?
**Did you or anyone else try the 6" on a ramp?

well i can’t really say that one was more maneuverable than the other because of the issues we had

as for the ramp with the 6", we never tried

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Duh, My bad… ?:stuck_out_tongue:
8 years of this can turn your head to mush. I’ll have to engage my brain before I post next time!

So this is the first year for testing the new model. Any preliminary results?[/quote]

We were looking on andy mark and found these monsters
Too bad they weigh 14 pounds each and cost $710 a set. :rolleyes:
Anyways, from what I’ve seen around here (vids and such) it looks like 8 in. mechs are not gonna have too much trouble getting over a bump, as long as you build up a decent amount of speed. As for mechanical integrity, we’ve used 8 inchers in the past without too much trouble, but after 3 years the plates are starting to deform. I think they should be fine for competition, but you might want to buy two sets. I have no experience with 6 in. mechs though, sorry.

Well, we should know if the 6" can climb shortly. We have the 6" in house now, and we’ll be building up the drive train this week. We know the 8" work, because we have some. If the 6" don’t work, we can always swap in the 8" ones in relatively short order.