Mecanum Wheel width?

Our team is going to replace the 6" Mecanum Wheels that we have on the robot with the heavy duty set from Andymark We need to get the width between the wheel plates of the wheels on the robot, but I can’t find any information about the wheels that we have on the robot. They are the 6" wheels that Andymark used to sell, but they replaced them with these Any information, or cad files will be much appreciated

So you have the am-0136 wheels? They have a CAD and assembly file for them.
Looks like 1.1" is what you are after.

Its not those, either, and the AM-0137 is a set of 4 AM-0136. The AM-0136 have tabs for both left and right wheels, but we have the kind with only tabs for either left or right wheels.
I’ve looked on the Andymark website, but it looks like they have stopped making those wheels.

You could always call them and ask. They are nice people who are extremely customer oriented.

On those same pages you linked above, look on the “Files and Documents” tab. We have pdf layout prints and CAD files available on those tabs for these wheels.

Andy Baker

Yes, we’ve seen those, but the trouble is that the wheels that we are actually using have been discontinued, so the layout prints are no longer on the website. I think that the wheels that we have are the same as the “mecanum II” wheels listed in the stress tests for the HD mecanum.