Mecanum wheels code for c++

Hello, we are having a problem with finding/writing a program that will work with mecanum wheels. We are using a Logitech extreme 3D pro. We need help with writing a c++ program that will work; This is our 1st year writing in c++ and we are not the best at it. Any help would be amazing, thank you.

Look into RobotDrive::MecanumDrive_Cartesian or RobotDrive::MecanumDrive_Polar.

These can be found in RobotDrive.h in the WPILib. There may be documentation too but I don’t have that handy.

How do we get or see this WPIlib?

Dose anyone have a simple ex.?

In project explorer (pic)

You should see Includes, expand that and you should see a list of libraries (in my picture it’s already expanded).

Expanding the one that ends in WPILib will show you all the header files in WPILib. I then navigated to RobotDrive.h and searched for Mecanum.

You SHOULD be including WPILib if you used one of the default templates to get started.