Mecanum wheels for intake

I would use 125’s rollers that were posted earlier. They’re well-proven in competition, and have been used by a large number of highly competitive teams.

Or buy some Thrifty Mecs on 1/19!

Yea I was looking at those 125 ones so if we can not get any on sunday we will probably print those

That’s the files I have been trying to print with no luck. I am using Cura as a slicer. Any other suggestion?

I’d get printing as soon as possible, a few wheels aren’t too bad but if you want an entire intake worth of wheels you’re looking a days to a week of printing. Plus if you have a non-proprietary printer then the costs are very small compared to most robot components, and the time is only a factor if you aren’t actively printing other things right now.

We have a friend of a sponsor who has a bunch of 3D printers at well as we have one at our high school that has a pretty big print plate