mecanum wheels.

we bulid our mecanum wheels but we don’t know how to put the Wheel bearings.
what can we put there that the Wheel bearings will not slip into ther wheel?

You’d need flange bearings.

But, I have to ask…Are you direct driving the wheels? Or chain Driving? Mecanums are usually set up direct drive off of the gearbox, and thus you don’t need breaings only a hub with a keyway. Thats the way we’re doing it.

when you meen direct driving you meen that the wheel is dicetly on the shaft of the of toughbox?
and if it is like that isn’t this dangerous for the toughbox?

Correct. Direct drive would be directly connected to the output shaft of your transmission. And no, this won’t hurt the transmission, this is what its designed to do.

Oh, and if you are chain driving, your going to need a pretty big sprocket spacer in order to clear the wheels.

thank you very much.
yes i know i need some big spacer and it is not a problem to get but i steel prefer direct driving.
can i use the regular toughbox from the kit of parts
is this bearing will be fine
and scott thanks you help me a lot

No problem, thats what we’re here for :]

And yes thats the correct hub for the Kit of Parts Toughbox. I don’t know if it makes a difference or not, but my team is using the 8" mecanum wheels this year, and we choose to use 2 hubs per wheel (on on each side) for added strength to the side walls of the wheels.

If you have any other questions feel free to message me on here.

for now i have no more questions.

no, they’re usually chain drive, no one uses directdrive on their wheels that i know of

Direct drive does NOT mean directly from the motor. It means it is directly driven off of the gearbox output shaft. Many teams do this, even with mechanum wheels.

Yeah, the only time we’ve done a chain was last year. Chains are more common on non-mechanum types, because you likely need to control two wheels with one motor

Agreed. I even specifically said transmission numerous times. Oh well…

i did this like scott say and it is works perfectly.

Awesome, glad to hear everything worked out for you guys!