Mecanums on Einstei

Which, if any, of the Einstein teams are using mecanums this year?




20 has them


2512 is!

3339 - BumbleB uses mecanum

Congratulations 1671 (and 1678, 118 and 5012, of course :))!! - Mecanums = World Champions

1671 first robot to win champs with mecanum wheels!! Great accomplishment!!

2526 had mecanums.

Many different holonomic drivetrains made it to Einstein this year.

1671 was the first ever robot to have a mecanum drive base touch Einstein Carpet. And the first mecanum to win Einstein.

I`m new here. I assume this is an inside joke? That at one point someone said that mecanums would never win?

This is the first year since mecanums were first used in FRC (2005ish) that a team using them has made it to Einstein.

3339 had them! :slight_smile:

Doesn’t count. These were Tesla and Archimedes fields!

Mecanums have never touched Einstein! hysterical laughter

But they did win Champs :cool:

The carpet was burned afterward, right?

I didn’t notice, I was too busy picking confetti out of the rollers :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding lol.