Mechanical actuation

Hello all,

is it against the rules if you wanted to mechanically acuate the end of an air cylinder in order to create a vacuum?

that’s all

I am 99% sure this is okay. I am certain it was last year, but since we have no need for it this year, I didn’t keep the info in my head.

Best I can do.

Joe J.

P.S. … I hated myself for the above answer, so I decided to look it up… …processing…

couldn’t find it in the rules, but according the the Q&A section (search for “vacuum”) I think it IS legal:

Section:5.7.2 Status:Answered Date Answered:1/20/2004 **Q:**It is it legal to make a mechanical device like a syringe to evacuate air out of an area so as to create a vacuum, thereby taking advantage of atmospheric pressure when attaching to balls?**A:**Yes, it is legal.