Mechanical Engineering Openings at Auris Robotics


A few more openings at Auris, this time for Mechanical Engineers!

Auris Robotics is looking for a handful of Mechanical Engineers for our Advanced Development Team.

We have a team of 25+ now and are desperately looking for engineers, preferably those with some robotics experience.

The Advanced Development Team at Auris is very unique and includes Alumni and current/former Mentors from Teams 254, 971, 973, 781, 115, 968, 1625, 1296, 148, 3928 and 3683. There are currently 9+ engineers and interns in our group with FIRST experience and we are looking for more!

Current openings include:

Sr Mechanical Engineer (my group)

Mechanical Engineer (my group)

Sr Mechanical Engineer (Instruments)
Mechanical Engineer (Instruments)

Please pay attention to the job descriptions. We are looking for degreed engineers or people with equivalent experience. Recent high school grads or those still in college need not apply as these openings are for full-time engineers and not interns. I would encourage all of those candidates to hit us up again before next summer as we do enthusiastically hire *FIRST *alums for internships!

Feel free to use the “Apply” button in the linked descriptions above, but also do not hesitate to shoot me an e-mail as well expressing interest or letting me know you have submitted an application.

travis.covington <at> auris robotics -dotcom



We’ve got even more openings! We also just unveiled our first product! More info here:

Feel free to shoot me an e-mail with any questions!


Here is another opening for a Mechanical Engineer - looking for new grads or anyone graduating this year. 0-3 years experience.