Mechanical problems

Hi there, as we tested our robot, there’s a problem that we found it hard to solve. Our connection between the intake and the shooter ( we called it tunnel), using rubber materials as shown below, has a problem of moving sideways. It’s a problem because we’ve tried many different components to keep it on the wheels but it seems that the side-force is too big to be stopped. Are there any teams that had a similar design and can solve this problem? or are there any other mechanical suggestions to our current robot? thank you!

IMG_3956.HEIC (1.4 MB) IMG_3957.HEIC (1.5 MB) IMG_3958.HEIC (1.2 MB)

try crowning your rollers with some tape or something. That should cause the belt to track in the center of the roller.

yeah we’ve try that before but the result is it just stick on the wheels and it just wouldn’t move

oh BTW, do you mean the sticky side in or out?

You put the sticky side down and don’t have the sticky part touch the band. The point is to increase diameter not stickiness. By increasing the diameter of the roller where the center of the band rests it should increase tension (I think that’s why this works) and not let it move as easily

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