Mechanism Covering Bumpers

Our team is considering creating a scoop mechanism that would fold down over the bumpers to scoop up the tubes. While deployed , this would cover the entire bumper on this side of the robot. We are wondering if this is legal, or is completely blocking the bumper illegal?

According to the bumper rules <R09> it does not state that the team number must be visible at all time. In my opinion it seems legal as of now. Q&A it to the GDC I guess.

I did ask relatively the same question of the GDC and they said that they don’t review designs.

You are fine. Assuming you start in the starting configuration and do not exceed playing configuration of an 84 right cylinder you are fine. Of course there is the wedge entanglment and protrusion rules. Ensure your “scoop” does not violate these as well. However if I am inferring from your question correctly you are asking more of a generality. So as stated above in general you are fine. Always keep in mind if the manual doesnt say you cant do it. THEN YOU CAN.