Mechanism/Design to control slack when wiring subsystems?

Our team has a robot design that requires slack for extension and various rotating parts of the robot. We’ve been looking into some ideas on how to control this slack, some being some form of energy chain system, or one idea is a spring-loaded wheel similar to how a measuring tape works. We want to be able to keep the slack in a controlled manner, wanted to see if anyone had any other ideas.

In 2020/2021, 254 used a constant force spring to hold their energy chain out of the way on a turret. 254 The Cheesy Poofs Behind the Bumpers Infinite Recharge - YouTube
A similar thing can be done with retractable badge reels.

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The badge reel is a great idea, would have to figure out a way to implement it with lower gauge wire but thanks for the idea. Interesting idea with the energy chain as well, thanks.

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