Mechanum Wheels

Does anybody who actually have use both, have an opinion on Andymark 6" mechanum verses the Vexpro 6" mechanum?


We should have an opinion in a few days…

The AM HD mecanum wheels are beasts – durable, reliable, easy to mount (with appropriate hubs, 'natch), next to impossible to break under normal circumstances. (We’ve done some really hard driving on ours for three years, and they work as good as new without even replacing the rollers as yet – the rubber’s getting hard, but not enough to do anything to performance that our drivers were able to notice.)

The VEXPro wheels are lighter and seem pretty durable, but boy they’re loud when running at high speed. (We have yet to drive around on them – waiting for a few more parts from the CNC!)

VexPro Mecanums are lighter. I personally think they look a little more sleek.

We can give some feedback at the end of the season but nothing we can test right now will compare to how they hold up over the course of a competition event.

With the andymark ones my team had large amounts of trouble with the pins staying on, so in between each match we had change the pins that keep the rollers in. As for the Vexpro ones we didn’t seem to have any difficultly with them. The Vexpro also gave us more traction then the andymark ones.

The Vexpro are a lot lighter and cleaner looking. Not much if any assembly is required. Enjoy they are fun to drive and maneuver with.

Good Luck

Thanks. We used the AndyMarks 6" last season. They performed well with no unexpected maintenance issues.

We have used both the normal and HD AM mecanum wheels and had good luck with both.

With the amount of driving people have put them through so far, can anyone give an answer at the moment on the durability of a VEXPro mecanum? I understand that no one can give season info but just what’re you thoughts on it so far? I don’t doubt that JVN and his crew would design it to withstand multiple seasons under weight and use, but theory almost never translates into practice in FIRST (At least, not for our team…:rolleyes:).

I would love it if someone could comment on the smoothness of ride of vexpro vs. andymark. We used some AM 8 inches a while back and they shook the robot apart.
The vexpro wheels are actually round though.

Really? I didn’t find the AM HD’s to be particularly shaky.

We bought them back in early 2010 before AM had developed this “HD” wheels.

We’re using the 6" vexpro mecanums on our widebot, off ball-shifter’ed CIMs.

We ran a pseudo-octocanum in 2010 with regular 6" mechs (pre HD days) and after a whole season they still worked rather ok. They weren’t shaky at all.