Media and Technology Innovation Award
Information about the new Media and Technology Innovation Award sponsored by Comcast
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Friday, February 15, 2013 - 14:57

Teams, I am very sorry for getting this information out so late to you. I recognize how much you have going on, and how important it is that you have information early so you can plan your seasons. The good news is, I am now ready to give you all the details on this award. As you can see from the headline on this blog, the Digital Media Award has gone through a name change. It is now the Media and Technology Innovation Award sponsored by Comcast. We’re very happy to have Comcast sponsoring this award!

While the name of this award has changed, the criteria has not. You can find this information in the FRC Administrative Manual, Section 6.8. We will be updating this section soon with the new name of the award and submission information.

As a reminder, the winner of this award will be announced at the FIRST Championship this season. This award will not be available for Regionals, District, or District/State Championships. However, every FRC team is eligible to win this award, whether you will be present at Championship or not.

Submissions for the award will be made through STIMS. Submissions will open on March 1st, and close on March 22nd.

Submissions will take the form of a media plan. Teams will be submitting their media plan, in the form of a PDF file, not to exceed two pages including graphics, that includes both their strategy and any results that have been tracked (include web site traffic, # of friends and/or followers, likes, etc.). This document should include applicable links, urls, and hashtags that provide access to the digital properties you created including but not limited to web and video sites, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, Pinterest boards, mobile apps.

Good luck!

I’ll blog again soon.


Glad to have this finally out. I was personally hoping for a more open-ended submission…why should an award highlighting creative digital media be limited to a 2-page PDF for the submission itself? At least we have plenty of time to submit.

What constitutes as 2 pages? i.e. Two A4 Pages or letter-sized pages? (the page sizes are different between Australia and the US)

Or is it open to interpretation provided it is in a pdf format?


We stuck to the standard 8.5" x 11".

Talking about standards is there a standard type of text we have to have it typed in? Time New Roman?

Not in the rules, so no

Hopefully everyone remembered the submission deadline for this award was noon today. Bacon has posted our submission in the CD Whitepaper section
I’m looking forward to seeing how this award evolves year to year.

Did anyone else have a hard time summarizing in two pages all that they do in the online medium?

So, there will definitely only be one winner of this award? No honorable mentions or anything? I ask because I’m wondering if next year this will be at the regional level, in which case there’d be 50 awards handed out, rather than just the top getting recognition.

No one knows for next year(I’m personally inclined to believe that they will make it a regional level award-where if you win it at the regional, you’re entered to win it at Champs) and they already announced the winner of it, so there may not be honorable mentions:

Team 2283, Panteras, from Mexico City, Mexico, has been selected as the first ever winner of the Media and Technology Innovation Award sponsored by Comcast. This team started as an FLL team in 2005, and continued to grow from there, now having two FTC teams as well as their FRC team. Congratulations!

I would assume that since this is replacing the website award, you should be able to somehow get a feedback/judging sheet of some sorts.