Media player problem

I’ve got a little problem with Windows Media Player and am running out of things to try so I thought someone here could help. When I want to play a CD, the animation thingy works, but no sound. It works fine for audio already on my computer. I can open up any other player and they will play cd’s just fine. I’ve reinstalled it already and yes, the speakers are on and the volume is up :slight_smile: . Anyone have any ideas?

I just went on to WM and tried one of my CD’s out. It didn’t work either. Then I went into Musicmatch Jukebox, and I saw the the volume was way down there. I then went back into WM and then it worked. Try that :slight_smile:

You should make sure all volume controls are not muted or turned down low. There may be several volume controls. You mentioned you turned up the one in Media Player and on the computer but I would also go into the control panel and you should have a folder labeled “Sounds and Audio Devices” and in there click on the “Audio” tab and make sure nothing is muted or turned down. It is also possible if you have more than one player another one is or has overiden the settings for Media Player. I’ve had a similar problem with Real Player. I personally use Media Player most of the time and made it the default player but Real Player kept attempting to be the default until I changed it’s settings. Media Player was already the default and when I installed Real Player it set itself as the default and I wound up with two defaults (not even sure how that is possible) and they wound up conflicting each other. So I would say check all the settings for every player you have installed wether it be Media Player, Real Player, Win Amp, Music Match, Quick Time, ect.