Media Temple Websites may have been hacked

From the Michael Torbert blog, media temple has been hacked/

If you got a message from your host media temple saying

This is an automated notice informing you that our system has reset your Server Administrator FTP/SSH password due to suspicious activity observed on your (gs) Grid-Service. Our systems have taken measures to protect your service from any possible future exploits.

You should call tech support and get your passwords reset. You also need to look for links in the page footers (sample:

<!– [6eb602d48b8b7f42aba0ce0c31ebe3f5 --><!-- 9190819521 --><noscript><ul><li><a href="">.</a></li></ul></noscript><!-- 6eb602d48b8b7f42aba0ce0c31ebe3f5] –>