Mediabox and Joomla

Our team has been redesigning our website to make it very clean and easy to navigate. We’re using Joomla, and so far everything is coming together.

We recently wanted to display our competition matches and other team related videos onto the website. This is where Mediabox comes in. Basically, instead of having 1 article per video, I could just have a video pop open right away, which would look neat and save time.

I’m having issues with incorporating Mediabox into Joomla. I read a few tutorials, and I followed them the best I could, but the video, when clicked on, leads to an Error 404 page. I know I’m missing something somewhere, maybe I neglected to put something somewhere, but could anyone help me out? What steps should I follow, what things to ftp to the site and where, what html code to use for the article.

Any kind of help with this subject would be awesome!!

Bryan Gallo

We have been using hwvideoshare as a video gallery to dislpay videos on our site. You could also try using the playlist features of JW Player, as demonstrated by Team 604 Here.

I’ve had good results using Seyret with Joomla. FirstObjective has lots of videos using the Seyet component.

First off are you trying to get MediaBoxAdvanced working or a different plugin. I have used MediaBoxAdvanced on our site and it worked fine. I am also using ThickBox on the cad portion of the site. If you AIM me I can tell you the steps to follow, what html to put in, and where to put the folders in the ftp.

Originally, I was attempting to get MediaBoxAdvanced to work. after NickE linked me to his website, hwvideoshare looks just as good. But either way, I’m having trouble getting both to work. hwvideoshare is a bit more then I wanted. So I would really like to have MediaBoxAdvanced to work.