Meebo and Robots

When I logged onto Meebo earlier, the welcome message concerned FIRST.
Here’s an except dealing with FIRST.

I’m a parent of a high schooler who’s on the local High School Robotics Team, part of the FIRST program. I supervise the robotics laboratory/classroom every Tuesday evening during “the build season,” which starts in early January and lasts for about seven weeks. The lab computers usually have a browser open to Meebo when I arrive — which always thrills me.

I have interesting conversations with the team and have learned so many tidbits of information — like the difference between hydraulics (liquid) and pneumatics (air), that there are three different types of drill bits: wood, metal, and plastic (thanks Michael F), and that the room has to be ready for class before we leave at 9pm or Mr. Math Teacher gets angry.

Mibbit too! Don’t forget! (freenode #firstrobotics)