Hello mentors !,

I will be coming back to St. Louis, MO from Orlando,FL and plan to stop by Marietta,GA and was wondering if there are mentors that like to get together for dinner, dutch treat ?. I was thinking a good brazilian bakery or restaurant around 7PM.

Maybe we can share tips and ideas of using 5th gear, and how to use the tool on the engineering process of brainstorming,trade-study,prototyping/modeling and testing.

Send me an e-mail if interested.

BERSDT (Broad Engagement Robotics Spiral Demo Team)
Program Manager

email is blocked in your profile but PM works.

MEET ME IN Marietta, GA - 2012 JAN 3, 7PM.

Marietta Diner :slight_smile:

I may not know everything about computers, but I think your caps lock button is jammed…

Hello All,

We plan to meet 7PM at Marietta Diner.

So far I have mentor from the following teams that plans to attend :
Kell Robotics.
Circuit Runners.

Send me a PM if you like to join us, and I will add you to the list of folks to call to confirm the meeting a day before…

Marcos :slight_smile:
BERSDT ( Broad Engagement Robotics Spiral Demo Team)
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Hi Marco!!

What are you doing in Orlando? We have a great Brazillian Steak house here.


Hello Wendy,

I am doing my residential requirement for my Ph.D in Accounting, and then doing the tourist thing with my parents…

I love Pao Gostoso in Orlando, FL.

Where is the steakhouse ?

Send me a PM if you think you like for us to meet, and maybe get some other mentors interested and I will do a separate message for Meet Me in Florida. I was thinking January 2 for Florida.

One thing we are doing in St. Louis is building a Quadcopter and hopefully make it communicate with a ground robot…would be amazing if we could bounce data out of a satellite… :). Maybe mentors in Florida might have some ideas we can bounce off…


Hello All,

We are meeting at Marietta Dinner on Jan 3, 7PM.
And before that time, we plan to do a tour at Kell Robotics Innovation Center, which just opened in early December at 5PM. If you like to join us, let me know by sending me a PM and I will send further information.